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Megan Racing Street Series Full Coilovers for 2012 Honda Civic

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Megan Racing Street Series Full Coilovers Description

Sold in sets of 4 coilovers.

Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers are a great suspension upgrade for any car. Whether you are looking to better the handling characteristics for your Honda Civic, or just want to lower it as much as possible, these Street Series Coilovers are extremely versatile and are very adjustable. With moderately stiff spring rates, they can help drastically reduce body roll while still making them manageable for street use. One of the key benefits these coilovers provide is the dampeners they use. Tailored specifically per application, they can provided excellent grip, crisp steering and a stable ride. With 32 levels of dampener adjustment, they can quickly be adjusted for differing road surface conditions or even soften them up for the drive to the grocery store.

All of the Street Series Coilovers use a "Monotube" shock design for a more direct suspension feel and better heat dissipation for those spirited drives down the canyon. The brackets are made from either high quality aluminum or high grade steel made to last, and feature fully adjustable pillow-ball camber plates on all applications.

Key Features:
  • 32 levels of shock dampening force adjustments.
  • Features at least 2 upper mounts (top mounts) for each application. Most applications will feature all 4 upper mounts for your vehicle. See application pictures for details. These upper mounts will give your suspension a more solid feel to it.
  • Includes rubber boot dust covers.
  • Monotube design for better heat dissipation, quicker responsiveness, and better vehicle control.
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer-defect warranty.
  • Independent "Spring Pre-load" and "Ride Height" adjustment.
  • Moderate spring rates make them great for the track and spirited street driving.
  • Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts on most applications and adjustable front camber plates on many applications as well.
Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts: These are included on many applications. They will help tighten up your ride and give you quicker steering response. Also, many include a built-in front camber adjustment plate as well so you can quickly and easily dial in front camber to your liking.

Ride Height Adjustment Notes: Normally, vehicle ride height is adjusted by reducing or increasing the pre-load on the coil spring. This method leads to inconsistent spring rates that are dependent upon the vehicle ride height. These coilovers allow you to adjust your vehicle's ride height independent of its spring pre-load. This method ensures that the spring rate is always consistent, no matter how high or low your car is. In addition, it ensures that the spring is always properly positioned onto the strut and effectively reduces miscellaneous and unnecessary noise.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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