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International Orders

If you live in Canada, this page does not apply to you (we ship directly to Canada).

Freight Forwarders
A Freight Forwarder is a company that will allow us to ship to them, and then they will forward the shipment directly to your delivery address in your home country. We highly recommend using a Freight Forwarder for all your international purchases with us. It results in lower shipping costs for you, smoother order placement, and faster delivery. Please use a Freight Forwarder located in the United States 48 contiguous states.
There are many Freight Forwarders to choose from, but one in particular we recommend is Please click on the logo to the right or follow this link for more information.

Minimum Order Size
If you are NOT using a Freight Forwarder, please note that you must order AT LEAST $500 (U.S. Dollars) IN PARTS. This is because we have to package the products extra well and it takes time to arrange the shipment. If you ARE using a Freight Forwarder, then there is no minimum order size.

Payment Methods
We recommend using PayPal whenever possible for international orders, as this is the fastest way to get your order shipped and avoid any billing issues on our end. If your payment is declined by PayPal for some reason, then a bank wire transfer is the next best option. Please email us for details on the bank wire transfer payment method.

What You Pay Us For
You will pay us for the cost of the products, and the amount it costs us to ship the products to the shipping address you provide us with. You may be subject to brokerage/customs fees and taxes upon delivery (this is dependent on your country and the shipping carrier will collect these fees from you). Please note that if you are NOT using a Freight Forwarder, we will have to contact you with a shipping quote after the order is placed, since no shipping will be charged initially.

Placing The Order
If you are using a Freight Forwarder, simply place the order online and put the address the freight forwarder gave you as your shipping address. Select check/money order as the payment method if you're sending us a certified check/money order or bank wire transfer. Otherwise, you can try using your debit/credit card or PayPal, but keep in mind it may not go through and we may have to contact you if there is a billing issue.

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