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Brian Crower High Performance Camshafts for 2011 Honda Civic

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Brian Crower High Performance Camshafts Description

Emissions Warning: This product is not designed for public highway or street use, and is only legal for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street.

Includes 1 or 2 camshafts, depending on how many your engine uses.

Brian Crower camshafts are designed to take your car to the next level of performance. They are the perfect "next step" after you have installed full bolt ons or have made the jump to forced induction and are looking for that little bit more power to differentiate yourself from the rest. BC cams are machined on state of the art CNC grinders to exact tolerances for maximum power gains and valvetrain longevity. For smaller head designs where adding additional lift to a camshaft isn't an option, Brian Crower machines the cams with a smaller base circle than stock to allow maximum lift and duration. Each cam, or set of cams, is designed specifically for that motor so every cam has it's own exacting lobe profile. Unlike other manufacturers who have one or two lobe designs that they just swap from one motor to another and just scale the size of it based on the displacement.

The Brian Crower brand was formed specifically to focus on the sport compact market, and knows that a good cam highlights the strong points of a motor instead of trying to make up for what it isn't. If you already have a motor that makes good power at high RPM, you'll get better results by making a cam that has that power band in mind than by trying to gain low RPM torque to even out the power curve like some cam manufacturers try.

Brian Crower cams are offered in multiple stages to help simply your cam selection. The basic designs of each are listed below, but each individual application will also have the exact specifics of each cam profile. "Turbocharged" applications offer better performance on turbo vehicles.

Camshaft Stages:
  • Stage 2: Introductory upgrade option for stock bottom end and bolt on modifications. Increase in lift for better cylinder filling. Mild idle lope on naturally aspirated applications. Some cars are able to use stock valve springs and retainers. Turbocharged specific grinds offer decreased overlap for better spool on your turbo vehicle. Tuning recommended for best performance.
  • Stage 3: Designed for street use with built bottom ends. Noticeable lope at idle. Optimized for stock or slightly higher compression in naturally aspirated cars. Turbocharged cars focus on longer exhaust duration for top end power production. Peak torque and horsepower moved up in the RPM range. Valvetrain upgrades and ECU tuning required.
  • Stage 4: Race spec cam design. Aggressive lope at idle. Designed for use with high boost or high compression fully built motors. Not recommended for street use. Requires advanced tuning. Power production moved very high in RPM range.
  • Stage 5: Extreme Race. Drag use or other extreme power event recommended. Poor driveability and throttle response. These cams are designed for maximum power. Fully built motor required.
For supercharged applications, we recommend using Naturally Aspirated camshafts as the extra overlap will help high RPM power.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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