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Wilwood DynaPro Honda / Acura (DPHA) Brake Kit for 1991 Honda Civic

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1991 Honda Civic
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Wilwood DynaPro Honda / Acura (DPHA) Brake Kit Description

IMPORTANT: These Wilwood DPHA Brake Kits are only compatible with Hondas and Acuras that came with 262mm rotors. Although these kits may be labeled to fit your year vehicle, if the original factory brake system for your Honda or Acura did not feature 262mm rotors then the spindle might be different and not allow the DPHA caliper to bolt on.

Wilwood has been a staple in the Honda/Acura community, and their DPHA (DynaPro Honda Acura) line of brake kits continues to position them as one of the leading brake upgrade kit manufacturers. Starting with their revered DynaPro 4-piston brake calipers, Wilwood's engineers reworked the caliper mounting provisions to allow for a direct bolt-on part that doesn't require any additional brackets or adapters! So, if you have factory or factory-sized rotors, these kits will work without any additional modifications (assuming you have large enough wheels).

Wilwood offers these DPHA kits as a base kits with brake pads, calipers, and hardware, or as complete kits that will also include their ULHP (Ultra-Light High Performance) Brake Rotors. That gives you the option of sourcing off-the-self rotors for a budget street build, or a track-oriented drilled / slotted rotor. The versatility of this kit continues with the fact that stock-fitment brake lines work with Wilwood's caliper upgrade kit. This means you can bolt on this kit with your OEM rubber brake lines, or use stainless steel upgraded brake lines for your vehicle. Such flexibility!

Rounding off Wilwood's caliper kit for the Honda/Acura vehicles, the brake pads that are included with the kit are versatile enough for daily driving or some spirited driving on the weekends. These BP-10 pads are part of Wilwood's "Smart Pads" lineup. The BP-10 compound features a medium friction blend that wont tear up your rotors, as well as keep dust and noise at a minimum.

All in all, the Wilwood DPHA 4-Pison Caliper Upgrade Kit is a great bolt-on solution for those looking to improve on an otherwise stock braking system. Without the added cost and complication of installing a big brake kit; which would normally use custom caliper mounts, custom brake lines, custom brake rotors as well as pads; these Wilwood DPHA Brake Kits are the simplest big brake option you can buy!

Wilwood DPHA Brake Kit Key Features:
  • DynaPro 4-Piston Forged Calipers:
    • Forged aluminum construction with stainless steel pistons.
    • Direct bolt-on for Honda & Acura models.
    • Powdercoat finish - resists high-heat and brake fluid stains.
    • M10x1.0 banjo bolt inlet, 1/4-28 bleeder screw.
  • BP-10 Smart Brake Pads:
    • Designed for low-noise and dust.
    • Metallic composite formula.
    • Broad temperature range.
  • ULHP Brake Rotors (optional):
    • Cast from premium grade, long-grain carbon iron.
    • Provides stable performance across a large temperature range.
    • Measures 262mm by 21mm thick.
  • Compatible with the OE master cylinder and ABS.
  • Fits most 15" wheels (or bigger), including EM1 Civic Si wheels.
  • Fits factory or factory-sized rotors without any additional modifications (assuming you have large enough wheels).
  • Multiple caliper color finish options.
  • Standardized brake pad sizes allow upgrades to multiple friction materials to suit your needs.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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