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Hondata CTR MAF 500 Sensor Upgrade for 2017 Honda Civic

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Honda Civic - 2017 to 2021 - 4 Door Hatchback [FK8 Type R, FK8 Type R Limited]
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When using the stock airbox, accurately measures 60% more airflow and allows for tuning all the way up to about 640 hp. Hondata FlashPro is required.
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2017 Honda Civic
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4 Door Hatchback [FK8 Type R, FK8 Type R Limited]

Hondata CTR MAF 500 Sensor Upgrade Description

CARB Compliance / Exemption Warning: If you live in California and your application for this product is not CARB Compliant / Exempt, then you cannot purchase it for public highway or street use (in that case it could only be used for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street). If your application is not CARB Compliant / Exempt and you're shipping to California, our system will let you know on the final checkout page.

If you live outside the United States, we cannot ship this product to you. This is because we are a USA Hondata dealer, and we can only sell to USA customers.

The Hondata CTR MAF 500 sensor replaces your factory Civic Type R MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor to increase the MAF air metering range from 300 g/s to 500 g/s. With a stock MAF sensor you will reach the maximum range with a stock turbo, airbox, and bolt-ons (after tuning). When this happens, the fueling becomes inaccurate / unstable, which is bad for consistent power and can harm your engine.

When using the stock airbox, the Hondata CTR MAF 500 accurately measures 60% more airflow and allows for tuning all the way up to about 640 horsepower! Installation is very simple: just unplug the stock MAF sensor and re-use the same two Phillips screws to install the new sensor. A FlashPro is required and FlashPro modification info is provided with this CTR MAF 500 sensor.

Use of an aftermarket intake is possible, but we highly recommend using a high-quality intake with laminar airflow. The provided FlashPro modification file will need to be customized and you must ensure the MAF sensor is scaled properly for your aftermarket intake.

A must-have bolt on for any Civic Type R owner serious about making power!

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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