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Honda Civic - 2016 - 2 Door Coupe - LXP

MagnaFlow Spun Metallic High Flow Catalytic Converter for 2016 Honda Civic

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2016 Honda Civic - 2 Door Coupe - LXP
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Universal   (OBD2 Version) (2.25" Inlet/Outlet)
Universal   (OBD2 Version) (2.5" Inlet/Outlet)
Universal   (OBD2 Version) (3" Inlet/Outlet)

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MagnaFlow Spun Metallic High Flow Catalytic Converter Description

California Catalytic Converter Warning: If you live in California, you cannot legally use this product for public highway or street use, and we will not ship it to anywhere within California.

EPA Catalytic Converter Information: These converters are OBD2 EPA Compliant and conform to EPA emissions standards. Keep in mind there are some legal requirements to be met when both removing an old converter and installing a new one. For example, your installer must document the reason for replacing your converter. We recommend consulting a professional repair shop if you are unsure of the exact requirements.

This new high flow catalytic converter from MagnaFlow is perfect for situations where space is tight, and it contains a metallic substrate for optimum CFM flow and maximum durability.

MagnaFlow high flow catalytic converters are an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their old / potentially restrictive stock catalytic converter. In these cases, a MagnaFlow high flow can help with high-end power output.

MagnaFlow's new spun body high flow catalytic converters utilize a revolutionary new metallic catalyst technology. Using new manufacturing techniques, Magnaflow fabricates each converter body from a single CNC-formed and laser welded tubular section, which is then spun into a round converter body shape. Each converter is literally manufactured around the metallic catalyst, which is securely tucked inside, and necks down to thicker gauge material at the inlet/outlet for maximum durability. The catalyst is a spirally wound ultra thin metallic foil.

Fitment Notes: Universal catalytic converters require a repair shop to weld/cut as necessary, and drill in a new secondary o2 sensor bung where applicable. You or your repair shop must be responsible for determining if a specific Universal catalytic converter will work for your setup.

Converter Selection: To find out which size will fit best, measure diameter the piping (or flanges) you are going to be putting this cat between, and try to pick the cat size that is a close as possible. Your new converter must also be installed in the same location as your factory one. Since there are other legal requirements as well, we recommend having a professional repair shop validate your choice.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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