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Honda Civic - 2016 - 2 Door Coupe - LXP

D2 Racing RS Full Coilovers for 2016 Honda Civic

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Honda Civic - 2016 to 2020 - 2 Door Coupe [All Trim Levels Except Si]
(With Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts) (Includes Front Camber Plates)
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Includes front pillow-ball upper mounts with camber plates. Includes adjustable high-grade front end links. These help prevent rubbing issues during aggressive driving and are sturdier than the factory ones.
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2016 Honda Civic - 2 Door Coupe - LXP
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(With Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts) (Includes Front Camber Plates)


D2 Racing RS Full Coilovers Description

Sold in sets of 4 coilovers.

D2 Racing RS Full Coilovers offer top of the line quality and a full feature set at a price you would not expect for this level of coilover system. These coilovers are comparable in function and performance to coilovers that sell for twice their price! There is no coilover we could recommend buying that will give you more for your money than these D2 Racing RS coilovers. All of D2 Racing's products are tested and proven by professional race teams throughout the world.

Key Features:
  • Full-length adjustment and height adjustment for separate setting of the height and spring pre-load.
  • 36 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together).
  • High performance mono-tube design.
  • Special anti-friction anti-rust coated threading.
  • Pillow-ball upper mounts with camber adjustment plate included on select applications. Most other applications include aluminum upper mounts (without camber adjustment) for the front.
  • When applicable, aluminum upper mounts for the rear coilovers are included. A few select applications include pillow-ball upper mounts (without camber adjustment) for the rear.
  • Constructed from 6061 aluminum, with unique purple accents.
  • Spring and damper rates engineered to work optimally together.
  • Backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Ride Height Adjustment Notes: Normally, vehicle ride height is adjusted by reducing or increasing the pre-load on the coil spring. This method leads to inconsistent spring rates that are dependent upon the vehicle ride height. These coilovers allow you to adjust your vehicle's ride height independent of its spring pre-load. This method ensures that the spring rate is always consistent, no matter how high or low your car is. In addition, it ensures that the spring is always properly positioned onto the strut and effectively reduces miscellaneous and unnecessary noise.

Pillow-Ball Upper Mounts: These are included on select applications. The D2 Racing upper pillow-ball mounts have several advantages over your standard OEM mounts. First, they will tighten up your ride and give you quicker steering response. Second, they also have a built-in camber adjustment plate so you don't have to buy a separate camber kit.

Spring Rates: Alternative spring rates are now available on select kits! Please email us for pricing and availability (this will generally add $100 to the total price).

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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