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Torque Solution Billet Engine / Motor Mounts for 2006 Honda Civic

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Torque Solution Billet Engine / Motor Mounts Description

Looking to clear up your Honda Civic's wheel hop, torque steer, and squishy front end feeling? Torque solution billet motor mounts are the way to go. How does changing the motor mounts help all of those symptoms you ask? Let us break it down for you. First lets look at exactly what a motor mount does. The obvious answer is mount the motor to the chassis, but they do so much more than that. A motor mount needs to hold the in place under load, when it is trying to put all that twisting power into the wheels it is also acting to twist the opposite direction thanks to Newton's third law. So all that screaming, tire shredding power is trying to do the exact same thing to your motor mounts. Conversely to holding the motor still, manufacturers rely on motor mounts to isolate engine noise and vibration from the interior of the car. This means you have a part that should hold something in place that makes at least 100lb-ft of torque, but still be soft enough to not rattle your fillings out at idle.

So what can replacing the stock mounts really help? In short everything. The stock motor mounts are always tuned to the side of less noise, vibration, and harshness (a.k.a. NVH) since most people don't want to know that the motor is running and hear or feel that all the time. Torque solution is here to correct that oversight for the performance enthusiasts. To us stock motor mounts allow far too much play and we tend to like the sound and feeling of a nice running motor. On older cars as the stock mounts wear out they just allow more and more play. Adding more power just accelerates this wear. The billet motor mounts use a stiff polyurethane bushing to hold that motor still and still offer some vibration reduction. By holding the motor firmly in place the Torque Solution mounts quell lots of issues that stock mounts have. First off, by holding the motor still you eliminate changes in driveline and axle alignment which are some of the biggest causes of wheel hop. By fixing that you also don't get the motor shaking back and forth as hard once traction is lost which not only further reduces the wheel hop, but also makes more of the power go to moving the car instead of just twisting the driveline around. Torque steer also is mitigated by this resistance to movement. Lastly, many people add front strut bars to help connect the front suspension and stiffen the car itself. By adding a few motor mounts that will prevent the motor from moving around in the engine bay, you also prevent the engine bay from moving around the motor. This prevents deflection of one side of the suspension under heavy cornering by helping to transfer that load across to the other side.

Torque Solution billet engine mounts may seem like the perfect mod, and they would be if you bought them already. Here are some of the technical specs of their construction for those that are interested. Each billet mount starts off with a thick but lightweight T6061 aluminum body that is designed to bolt up to the exact mounting points your stock mount was located at. For show quality looks with race car performance each mount is then anodized with a durable black finish and lazer engraved with the Torque Solution logo. They then install solid high durometer polyurethane inserts and metal inner sleeves where needed for an easy bolt on upgrade.

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