Honda Civic - 2006 to 2011 - 2 Door Coupe [Si]
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Skunk2 Composite Cold Air Intake for 2006 Honda Civic

Honda Civic - 2006 to 2011 - 2 Door Coupe [Si]
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2 Door Coupe [Si]

Skunk2 Composite Cold Air Intake Description

CARB Compliance / Exemption Warning: If you live in California and your application for this product is not CARB Compliant / Exempt, then you cannot purchase it for public highway or street use (in that case it could only be used for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street). If your application is not CARB Compliant / Exempt and you're shipping to California, our system will let you know on the final checkout page.

Tuning Notes: Due to the high-flow performance of this intake, a basemap or custom tune is highly recommended. Without adjusting for the additional air flow via the MAF sensor settings, a CEL can be triggered.

The Skunk2 composite cold air intake raises the bar for the kind of performance you can expect from an intake upgrade. Skunk2 started with a clean sheet design and used all of their performance and engineering know-how to design this revolutionary intake. For the 8th Gen and newer Civic Si's, cold air routing has always been a compromise of piping size, tube routing, MAF housing design, and component location. By looking for ways to maximize pipe size and smooth the routing to gentle wide bends, Skunk2 designed a cold air intake that will allow your motor to breath easily no matter how much it's modified.

By routing the intake around the battery and then down behind the front fog light, Skunk2 was able to use 3.5" primary tubing and a smooth transition MAF housing that gets good signal with aerodynamic vanes to prevent any false readings from turbulence. For those of you who are utilizing MAP based tunes on your Civic, they also include a smooth silicone coupler that maintains the larger diameter of the intake so you aren't restricted by the smaller diameter of the normal MAF housing. On the 8th Gen Civic Si applications, the routing of the intake necessitates the use an included Skunk2 silicone upper radiator hose. On both 8th and 9th Gen Civic Si applications, relocation brackets for some of the components on the drives side of the engine bay (mainly the battery) are included as well! Just like all modern intakes the Skunk2 Composite Cold Air intake uses a dry (non-oiled) filter so you never have to worry about MAF sensor contamination from an over oiled filter.

Key Features:
  • Molded Polymer construction for a even taper from 3.5" to 3.0" opening at throttle body.
  • Includes all brackets required to move the battery, fuse box, and ECU for intake routing. The 2012+ (9th Gen) Civic Si intake only relocates the battery. All other parts stay in their stock location.
  • Dry (non-oiled) filter is reusable and will not contaminate your MAF sensor.
  • Superior insulation of the intake air versus aluminum piping.
  • Vertically mounted filter aids in preventing water ingestion.
  • Silicone upper radiator hose included for proper fitment with no interference with cooling system.
  • Includes smooth, large diameter MAF delete tube for use with tuned ECUs.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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