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ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit for 1997 Honda Civic

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1997 Honda Civic
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ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Description

ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kits are ideal for street-driven Honda Civics that have more power than your Honda Civic OEM clutch can hold. ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates provide a 20-50% clamp load increase, yet still offer smooth engagement, quiet operation, and improved durability when used with street discs. Also, most all the ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kits are SFI certified to Spec. 1.1.

Key Features:
  • Increased torque capacity, durability, & extended clutch life.
  • All street discs are designed for smooth engagement & quiet operation.
  • Pressure & release travel in the optimum working range.
  • Able to withstand high heat & abuse.
  • Very high quality clutch kit - great precision, CAD designed, and dynamically computer balanced.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
ACT Clutch Kits Include:
  • Pressure plate.
  • Clutch Disc.
  • Pilot bearing/bushing included with many kits (please call or email us if you want details for your specific application).
  • Release bearing/throw out bearing included with many kits (please call or email us if you want details for your specific application).
  • Alignment tool included for most kits (please call or email us if you want details for your specific application).
Please refer to this table for help in choosing the best clutch disc for you:

Clutch Disc Type Description
Performance Street Disc Ideal for street or track driven Honda Civics with a good amount of modification done. The Performance Street Disc utilizes some of the best organic friction material around, as well as a performance center section which is lighter and has stiffer springs. This disc offers quick engagement and superior torque holding capabilities.
Solid Center (Rigid) Street Disc Similar to the Performance Street Disc, but this disc does not contain a center section with springs, so it is very lightweight and will engage quicker. This means you will lose even less time when shifting between gears. A Solid Center Street Disc is great for the weekend racer that needs a lightweight, ultra-responsive clutch that is still drivable on the street. THIS DISC IS A SPECIAL ORDER AND MAY TAKE 1-2 WEEKS TO SHIP.
6 Pad Spring Race Disc The most aggressive disc we generally recommend (the other ACT disc options above this tend to be for dedicated race vehicles that will never be driven on the street). The 6 Pad Spring Race Disc offers great torque capacity, very quick engagement, and very good durability, yet still maintains fairly quiet operation (although there will be some clutch chatter and somewhat harsh engagement with this disc).

Break-in Notes: Please refer to the manufacturer's specific instructions for proper break in details for your application.

Flywheel Notes: A smooth, flat flywheel surface is essential for proper clutch operation. If upon inspection of your Honda Civic's flywheel there are signs of scoring, heat damage or warpage, the flywheel should be resurfaced or replaced to assure good clutch performance. IF YOUR FLYWHEEL SHOWS ANY SIGNS OF CRACKING, REPLACE IT! If you unsure about the condition of your flywheel, we highly recommend purchasing an ACT flywheel with your ACT clutch. Typically, flywheel resurfacing costs around $80 to $100, but it can be hard to find a quality shop to do it. It is usually almost as cost effective just to purchase a new flywheel.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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