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Superchargers for 1993 Honda Civic

In Stock
Starting @ $2,895.00
Fits 1993 4 Door Wagon
2WD, 4WD
Fits 1993 2 Door Hatchback
Base, DX, Si, CX, VX
Fits 1993 4 Door Sedan
Fits 1993 2 Door Coupe
DX, EX, HX, Si
K Series Race Kit
K Series Race Kit, Big Power C38-91 Version
K Series Race Kit, Black Edition
K Series Race Kit, Black Edition, Big Power C38-91 Version
D Series Race Kit
D Series Race Kit, Black Edition
Brief Description

Black Edition Kits Info: These kits typically just feature a special black Rotrex housing unit and oil cooler, but please see the pictures for details...

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