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SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit for Honda Civic

Oil Pressure Feed Options
 -3AN Pressure Sensor Install Kit (+$30.00)
WIX XP Oil Filter
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4 Door Sedan [EXL, EXT, Touring]
2017 to 2020
2 Door Coupe [Si] &
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2017 to 2021
4 Door Hatchback [EX, EXL, LX, Sport, Sport Touring]
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SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit Description

Designed to cool engine oil. Remember that this product will increase your engine oil capacity, so be sure to refill your engine with the appropriate amount of oil. See details below for specific capacity increases on your application.

  • Helps control oil temperatures, which is crucial for race and high-performance applications. Especially useful on vehicles that are prone to high oil temps from the factory (like the 10th Gen Civic turbo models).
  • Complete kit allows for simple, application specific bolt-on installation.
Why this SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit?
  • Installation is made easy, with pre-labeled hoses and bolt-on brackets.
  • Includes high quality SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off and Pedestal.
  • Robust and efficient design.
  • Does NOT eliminate or reroute any factory vents or brake ducts.
  • Track tested and proven to endure racing environments.
  • Covered by SiriMoto's 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Key Features
  • -10AN hose assemblies, allowing for minimal restriction and optimal flow.
  • High quality reusable hose ends and stainless-steel braided hose.
  • Optimally located Oil Cooler Core, for best cooling efficiency.
  • High quality hardware (stainless steel or silver zinc coated).
  • Includes basic tools such as hex keys and aluminum AN wrench.
10th Gen Civic Oil Cooler Kit Specs
  • Pre-Assembled -10AN hoses.
  • -10AN ORB to Male Port Adapter Fittings.
  • 90-degree -10AN Female Union.
  • 19-Row Oil Cooler Core and Mounting Brackets.
  • Optimally located core for maximum air-flow (apposed to hiding behind the H Emblem).
  • Does NOT eliminate or reroute any factory vents or brake ducts.
  • Core Size: 285mm x 150mm (11.2" x 5.9").
  • Core Thickness: 50mm (1.96").
  • Largest Oil Cooler Core on the market (appropriately sized for efficiency).
  • SiriMoto Oil Filter Take-Off.
  • SiriMoto Oil Filter Pedestal and Bracket.
  • SiriMoto Black Fender Washers with Rubber Nuts.
  • Silver Zinc Coated Flanged Hex Head Hardware.
  • -10AN Aluminum Wrench and 3mm Ball-End Hex Key.
  • Blue Thread Locker.
  • Fluid Capacity Increase: ~1 Qt.
  • Compatible with OEM Spec Filter for maximum filtration (does not require smaller/aftermarket filter).
  • Optimal Ground Clearance (oil filter is relocated for protection from road hazards).
  • Optional Oil Filter: PLM Style (PCX filter not compatible due to space constraints).
Typical Engine Oil Temperatures
Oil Temps Graph

More Details
SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kits are designed to be a bolt-on solution to combat high engine oil temperatures. With an emphasis on ease of install, the SiriMoto kits come complete with brackets, hardware, adapters and labeled hoses. The labels eliminate any chance of confusion, as they will specify which port they will go to on either the Oil Filter Pedestal or Oil Filter Take-Off. The labeling takes any guess-work out of the equation and their high quality ensures that there will be no failures even under high pressure/heat.

These SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kits were developed after finding that, in general, the new generation of turbocharged vehicles put a large strain on the engine oil, as they tend to develop more heat than their non-turbo predecessors. Whether it be for a track car, or a tuned street car, a SiriMoto Oil Cooler Kit will provide cooling necessary to keep your car running at it's full potential. As an added option, we offer a few filters that you can add to your kit and also an Oil Pressure Sensor Install Kit. This sensor install kit consists of NPT to AN adapter fittings and a 18" -3AN hose assembly. This will make the installation of a pressure sensor a bit easier, as monitoring Oil Pressures and Temperatures is crucial for cars driven hard on the street or the track.

Optional Oil Filter: We offer WIX XP oil filters as an added option, in the PLM style (PCX filter not recommended due to space constraints). XP Oil Filters offer superior protection and are constructed of high quality materials. The filter elements are fully-synthetic and wire-backed to provide excellent flow and filtration while reducing the risk of collapse. The filter end-caps and spiral-wound tube are both constructed of metal for added strength.

Optional Oil Pressure Sensor Install Kit: The SiriMoto -3AN Pressure Sensor Install Kit consists of three parts: a 1/8" NPT Male to -3AN Male Flare Adapter, a 1/8" NPT Female to -3AN Male Flare Adapter, and an 18" long -3AN Stainless Steel Braided Hose with a Charcoal PVC Coating and high quality female ends. This kit is necessary when connecting an oil pressure sensor to the Oil Filter Pedestal, as most pressure sensors feature a large body that prevents the sensor threads from engaging the NPT ports.

IMPORTANT USAGE NOTE: The new 10th Generation Honda Civics use very lightweight 0W20 oil which flows well even at cold temperatures. Still, we recommend allowing your engine to warm up to operating temperature before spirited driving. This applies even to a 100% stock vehicle without this oil cooler kit. Generally, the oil temperature should reach about 170 degrees Fahrenheit before full-throttle/high-boost runs at the track.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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