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2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Released

A Civic for the True Honda Enthusiast!

The 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan is a factory warrantied Civic prepared by legendary Honda tuner Mugen. It comes equipped with a high performance suspension, forged aluminum wheels, aerodynamic body styling, and a sport exhaust system. The 2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan is now available for sale in the United States, but only 1,000 units will be produced. The Mugen Si Sedan has an MSRP of $29,500, excluding tax, license, registration, and destination charge. It is only available in Fiji Blue Pearl.

The suspension on the Mugen Si Sedan has been tuned and tested at the Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit in Japan and lowers the vehicle by 0.6 inches with aggressive spring and damper tuning for enhanced handling performance. Compared to the stock Civic Si Sedan, the Mugen Si has front and rear damping force (both bump and rebound) increased between 8 and 24 percent (the rate varies depending on condition). The Mugen Si Sedan also features lightweight Mugen 18x7.5 inch forged aluminum wheels (16.7 pounds, 27 percent lighter than the stock 17x7 alloy wheel) and high-grip 215/40ZR18 summer tires.

"Enthusiasts have equated the name Mugen with JDM Honda performance for decades, and with the introduction of the Civic Si Sedan, the time is right for the two companies to once again join forces," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda. "A Mugen-tuned vehicle available directly from the factory provides the ultimate level of performance, quality and refinement in a specially-tuned car."

The 2008 Civic Mugen Si includes a full-vehicle aero-package that adds a front spoiler with a sports grille (with special Mugen Si emblem), side spoilers, a rear bumper diffuser, and a rear wing. The Mugen Si's sports exhaust system reduces exhaust system back pressure from the catalytic converter back, resulting in an enhanced power curve. Mugen emblems are also included throughout the vehicle. Inside, each Mugen Si comes with serial number placard located on the instrument panel along with a spherical 50mm Mugen shift knob.

Note: The pictures below are from the concept Mugen Si vehicle. The only difference is that the tires are better on the actual Mugen Si now for sale.

2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Front View Front View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Front Quarter View Front Quarter View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Side Quarter View Side Quarter View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Side View Side View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Rear View Rear View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Rear Quarter View Rear Quarter View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Exhaust View Exhaust View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Mugen Badge View Mugen Badge View
2008 Civic Mugen Si Sedan Shift Knob View Shift Knob View
All the above images from © American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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