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11th Gen 2022 Civic Si Specs - Setting a New Bar Inside and Out

Streamlined Looks, Improved Interior, and More Lively Powertrain Still at a Great Value

The 2022 11th Generation Civic Si improves upon the specs of the previous Si in several key areas: looks, interior, handling, and power delivery. Although the 2022 Civic Si is rated at 200 horsepower - 5 less than the 10th Gen Si - the torque curve is superior and flatter, and comes on earlier as well. What's more, early independent dyno results suggest that this 2022 Civic Si could in fact actually be putting down about 20 more horsepower than the outgoing one! If this holds true, than clearly Honda has chose to underrate the power on this vehicle, and could have probably put a 225 horsepower rating on it but chose not to, for whatever reason. Underrating vehicles is not too uncommon in the automotive industry and in this particular case it could have to do with lowering insurance costs or making sure the upcoming Acura Integra boasts more power on paper. Both are guesses, and time will tell if the 2022 Si really is more powerful than advertised.

In any case, what is undisputed about the new 11th Civic Si compared to the 10th Civic Si is that it is more rigid, handles better, uses a new IHI twin-scroll turbo, has an updated 1.5L motor with the addition of variable-lift VTEC on the exhaust camshafts, has a lighter single-mass flywheel for faster revving, features a slick manual transmission with rev-matching technology from the Type R, has customized drive modes, and borrows other suspension bits and pieces from the Civic Type R. In addition to this, most would agree the 2022 11th Generation Si has a more streamlined, mature look to it, and vastly improved interior and infotainment as well. All this for an MSRP of $27,300 (excluding destination charge), a relatively mild MSRP increase from the 2022 Si considering the upgrades. Here's a brief summary of the major features and specs on this 2022 Civic Si:

  • More mature and simplified styling, yet still sporty.
  • Much improved interior, instrument display, and infotainment system. The 10th Gen touchscreen scored lower marks with auto reviewers than it should have. Honda has now attempted to fully address these critiques.
  • Updated 1.5-liter, 200 hp (@ 6000 RPM) turbocharged engine with broader power curves, variable-lift VTEC® on the exhaust cams, and a 26% lighter single-mass flywheel for quicker response and improved drivability. Peak torque of 192 lb-ft is now available from 1800-5000 RPM. Redline remains at 6500 RPM as before, but peak power is better maintained until redline than the previous Si. As before, power is transmitted through a helical limited-slip differential for best traction and performance.
  • New high-tech sporty interior includes Si-specific Sport seats, racy red accents, a 9-inch HD color touchscreen and Bose® premium audio and wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration.
  • Twin-scroll IHI turbo for better low-end torque and possibly better top-end power potential.
  • Increased chassis rigidity and updated suspension & steering tuning for improved handling and ride.
  • Improved short-throw 6-speed manual transmission with rev-matching system from the Civic Type R.
  • Retuned suspension improves ride quality and takes Si handling to the next level.
  • 60% stiffer steering system torsion bar improves feel and response.
  • A new dual-coil silencer exhaust system that increases exhaust flow 27% compared to the 2022 1.5T Civic Touring model. In addition, the Active Sound Control system can produce high-quality sound over a wider range of engine RPMs (this complements the engine's natural exhaust note from inside the cabin).
  • Drive Mode system features a new Individual mode for a customized driving experience.
  • Sporty Si-specific design cues add attitude and improve aerodynamic performance.
  • An available new and vibrant Blazing Orange Pearl exterior color is also exclusive to Civic Si.
  • Hardly any weight gain at all over the previous Si. The 2022 Si comes in at 2,952 lbs.
  • The driver-focused interior features Si-specific body stabilizing sport seats with dynamic red accents and red contrast stitching.
  • Expanded Honda Sensing® capabilities.
  • Big safety improvements, including new front airbags designed to reduce brain and neck injuries.
  • LED lighting is used extensively.

Besides all of the above specs, the 2022 Civic Si's 6-speed manual transmission has been updated for enthusiast drivers with improved shift feel and 10% shorter throws. A new, more rigid shift lever mounting bracket and a new leather-wrapped aluminum shift knob (similar to the Civic Type R's) contribute to the improved feel. Combined with the perfect accuracy and 430 m/s response time of the Si's rev-matching system throttle "blips", you'll be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable driving experience at this price.

In terms of body stiffness, this is the most rigid Civic Si ever, with an 8% increase in torsional rigidity and a 13% increase in bending rigidity compared to the outgoing Si. Like the 2022 Civic Sedan, the new Civic Si also benefits from a 0.5-inch wider rear track for additional stability, and a 1.4-inch longer wheelbase for a smoother ride, as well as greater high-speed stability. The Si's 107.7-inch wheelbase is the longest in its class.

To maximize handling and driver enjoyment, spring rates are 8% stiffer in front and 54% stiffer in the rear compared to the Civic EX Sedan. New dampers also have been tuned specifically for the Si. The front MacPherson struts feature reinforced upper mounts to handle the increased cornering loads, and thicker front (27 mm hollow) and rear (18 mm solid) stabilizer bars to minimize body roll.

To improve stability, the front compliance bushings, sourced from the Civic Type R, are 79% stiffer than the Civic EX Sedan. Stiffer rear compliance bushings, upper arms and lower B-arms are also sourced from Type R. Steering feel is improved using a 60% stiffer torsion bar connecting the steering shaft to the steering rack pinion gear.

Civic Si features larger brakes than the standard Civic Sedan. Oversized 12.3-inch front rotors and 11.1-inch rear rotors are standard along with 235/40R18 all-season performance tires. For drivers looking for maximum performance, summer tires will be available as a factory option.

In addition to Normal and Sport driving modes, Si's updated Drive Mode system now features an Individual mode that allows the driver to individually select engine response, steering effort, and instrument panel display color parameters for a customized driving experience. Sport mode adds throttle response, decreases steering assist, deactivates the idle stop system, allows drivers to select rev match on or off, and changes the instrument accent lighting from white to red.

This new Si is no slouch when it comes to its exterior either. Sporty design cues unique to the Civic Si add attitude to the sport sedan while functional aerodynamic aids improve its performance. Si's new upper front bumper design is more aggressive, and its rear bumper has been reshaped to reveal two large oval exhaust tips. A front spoiler hidden under the vehicle and a gloss black rear spoiler mounted atop the trunk lid add downforce to improve high speed stability. Si also features gloss black trim on the exterior mirrors and window surrounds. LED headlights and taillights are standard. Standard 18-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels are finished in Si-specific matte black, and a new vibrant, Si-exclusive Blazing Orange Pearl paint color is available.

On the interior side of things, the 2022 Civic Si features improved, more supportive seats, nicely spaced sport pedals, and red contrast stitching on the doors, steering wheel, center arm rest, shift boot and shift knob. Class-above materials are used throughout the cabin, especially on touchpoints, with careful attention paid to providing a premium action feel in all switchgear and controls. Si-specific red trim dresses the Civic's signature metal honeycomb dash panel which serves both form and function. It isn't just beautiful, but also visually conceals the air vents for a clean, uncluttered design.

The most technologically advanced Civic Si ever features a new 7-inch color instrument display with a digital tachometer on the left side, a multi-information display in the center and a physical speedometer dial on the right. A 9-inch HD color touchscreen and wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration are also standard along with the new 12-speaker Bose premium sound system. Featuring Bose Centerpoint 2 technology and SurroundStage digital signal processing, it's the best factory audio system in Civic Si history.

With all the above updates and improvements, we're confident the 11th Generation Honda Civic Si will be a hit and live up to the Si lineage!

2022 Honda Civic Si - Front 2022 Honda Civic Si - Front
2022 Honda Civic Si - Side Rear 2022 Honda Civic Si - Side Rear
2022 Honda Civic Si - Side Front 2022 Honda Civic Si - Side Front
2022 Honda Civic Si - Rear 2022 Honda Civic Si - Rear
2022 Honda Civic Si - Interior 2022 Honda Civic Si - Interior
2022 Honda Civic Si - Seats 2022 Honda Civic Si - Seats
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