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Hondata FlashPro for Honda Civic

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Honda Civic
Year Range
Door Config  [Trim Level]
Application / Notes
2006 to 2011
All [DX, EX, EXL, LX, LXS]
(R18 Motor)
2006 to 2011
All [MUGEN Si, Si]
2012 to 2015
All [DX, EX, EXL, HF, LX, SE]
(R18 Motor)
2012 to 2015
All [Si]
2016 to 2018
4 Door Sedan [EXL, EXT, Touring]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
2016 to 2020
2 Door Coupe [EX 1.5L Turbo, EXL, EXT, Touring]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
2017 to 2019
4 Door Hatchback [FK8 Type R]
(FK8 Type R) (ECU Instant Jailbreak Capable)
2017 to 2020
4 Door Sedan [Si] or
2 Door Coupe [Si]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
2017 to 2021
4 Door Hatchback [EX, EXL, LX, Sport, Sport Touring] With 1.5L & Turbo
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
2019 to 2021
4 Door Sedan [EX 1.5L Turbo, EXL, Touring]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
2020 to 2021
4 Door Hatchback [FK8 Type R, FK8 Type R Limited]
(FK8 Type R) (ECU Instant Jailbreak Capable With Included Module)
2020 to 2021
4 Door Hatchback [FK8 Type R, FK8 Type R Limited]
(FK8 Type R) (Requires ECU Jailbreak)
Hatchback [EXL]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
Sedan [EX, Touring]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
Sedan [Si]
(1.5L Turbo Motor)
(free to mainland U.S. only)

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Hondata FlashPro Description

Emissions Warning: This product is not designed for public highway or street use, and is only legal for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street.

This is the Race FlashPro and has many advanced tuning features.

If you live outside the United States, we cannot ship this product to you. This is because we are a USA Hondata dealer, and we can only sell to USA customers.

The Hondata FlashPro is THE best tuning, datalogging, and engine parameter viewing product for your Honda or Acura race vehicle. It was developed by Hondata specifically for newer Honda vehicles. More than just an ECU performance tuner "chip", the FlashPro is the portable premier tuning and datalogging solution for your Honda Civic, and has the reliability, flexibility, and ease of use you've come to expect from Hondata products.

The Hondata FlashPro ECU programmer allows full user tuning and datalogging, and includes a Windows based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide ECU programming with a variety of calibrations with extensive real time and stored datalogging capabilities. There is no ECU to send in...just plug in, hit the program button, and you're ready to go!

Key Features:
  • Instant horsepower gains! Simply set it up, plug it into your Honda Civic, and upload a tune.
  • Portable programmable ECU interface - not just an ECU performance tuner "chip" that you can't change.
  • Extremely simple installation - just connect to your OBD2 diagnostic port!
  • No ECU modification necessary.
  • NEW: Bluetooth enabled! Use your iOS or Android device to download the free Hondata Mobile app that can communicate with your Bluetooth enabled FlashPro. See engine operation from your mobile device, check and clear engine codes, monitor engine sensors, setup custom gauges, set your shift light, and more!
  • NEW: LIVE TUNING. Live tuning gives you the ability to tune your Honda Civic on the fly without switching off the engine. Live tuning simplifies part throttle tuning and significantly reduces the time and cost of tuning your Honda Civic.
  • 20 hours on board datalogging memory!
  • Includes FlashProManager Windows software.
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes.
  • Custom laptop gauges.
  • Theft mitigation.
  • Security password.
  • Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro. Perfect for switching between "low" and "high" power tunes.
  • Computer (laptop or desktop) with a USB 2.0 connection, and Microsoft Windows (32 and 64-bit Windows versions are both supported). Also works on Intel based Macs running Boot Camp or Parallels.
Other Features (varies depending on application):
  • E85 Flex Fuel tuning capabilities.
  • Tune / change factory boost levels on 10th and 11th Gen 2016+ turbo Civics and newer turbo Hondas in general.
  • NEW for 10th and 11th Gen 1.5T Civics: Artificial knock retard elimination, knock cylinder sensitivity tables, fuel pressure tables, cam angle (intake and exhaust) tables, injector phase / timing tables. Artificial knock retard elimination alone is worth 18+ extra hp for 1.5T non-Si Civics!
  • Includes many naturally aspirated and forced induction basemaps. This means that for most basic part configurations, you do not even have to get your vehicle custom tuned.
  • Full Throttle Shifting (especially good on factory turbo cars for eliminating the turbo lag between shifts).
  • Choice of MAF or MAP based tuning.
  • Support for MAP based forced induction (up to about 43 PSI).
  • Support for larger injectors.
  • Injector latency / dead time.
  • Ignition, fuel, cam angle table editing (plus expanded tables for forced induction).
  • VTEC window modification.
  • Speedometer adjustment.
  • Misfire detection disable (useful for preventing CELs when using light flywheels).
  • Idle speed adjustment.
  • Rev, launch and speed limiters can be adjusted.
  • In-Car Adjustable Launch RPM (without re-flashing).
  • Re-Flash Progress Indication via Tachometer.
  • Air-Fuel Ratio (Lambda Display) via Tachometer.
  • Race vehicle sensor disabling.
  • Map tracing and lambda overlay.
  • 50 degree cam angle movement for more midrange torque (up from 45 degrees maximum).
  • Fully functional cruise control (for vehicles equipped with cruise control).
  • Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim.
  • Individual cylinder knock datalogging.
  • Boost control by RPM and gear.
  • Improves Rev Hang.
  • Plus other compensation and trim tables.
  • Many more features in addition to these!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there base calibrations?
A: Yes, for common part combinations, plus turbo / superchargers kits for popular applications.

Q: Do I need dyno tuning?
A: It shouldn't be necessary for common part combinations (intake, exhaust, etc.), but you still have the option of custom tuning if you wish to get a little more. Camshafts and race headers probably will need tuning to get the most of the them - it will depend on the manufacturer of the part.

Q: Can I get rid of the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor?
A: You can switch to a MAP based calibration (recommended for forced induction and/or cams). You need to still physically retain the MAF sensor because it also contains the IAT sensor.

Q: Will this work on more than one vehicle?
A: The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock.

Q: So does that mean one Hondata FlashPro can only work with one ECU or car only? Which means I can't buy one FlashPro and use it together with a few of my buddies cars?
A: One ECU and vehicle at a time. You can unlock the FlashPro by returning the ECU to stock, and then transfer to another vehicle.

Q: Can I share the calibrations I make for my car?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?
A: No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

Q: Is there a VTEC window?
A: Yes. This means that VTEC will operate based on RPM and engine load. For example, a supercharger reflash could have a VTEC window from 3200 RPM - 6000 RPM. At full throttle, VTEC operates at 3200 RPM. At light throttle, VTEC operates at 6000 RPM, and for load between full and light the VTEC will shift between 3200 RPM and 6000 RPM.

Q: Any option of immobilizer control?
A: The immobilizer cannot be disabled. Hondata has implemented a number of features designed to protect the owner of the vehicle from theft, and one of these is not to allow the immobilizer to be disabled. This is going to be much less of an issue than previous products because the ECU does not need to be removed / swapped.

Q: If the ECU had been reflashed by another maker, can FlashPro still work?
A: Probably - we could tell you based off the ECU part & serial numbers plus the calibration ID. When you unlock the FlashPro it will only be reflashed back to a stock calibration.

Q: Will dealers need a software license?
A: No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software (FlashProManager).

Q: Do I need to send my ECU to Hondata?
A: No. Your ECU does not need to be modified for FlashPro.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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