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AEM Infinity EMS Stand Alone ECU for Honda Civic

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1992 to 1995
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1992 to 1995
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1999 to 2000
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1999 to 2000
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2002 to 2005
2 Door Hatchback [All]
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(EMS Infinity 6 Main Unit)
(EMS Infinity 8 Main Unit)
(EMS Infinity 8h Main Unit)
(O2 Sensor Extension Harness Only)

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AEM Infinity EMS Stand Alone ECU Description

Emissions Information: Unless you are just datalogging or monitoring engine operation, use of this product is designated for off-road race use only on non-public roads (like a race track) formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization.

If your looking for the ultimate in stand alone engine management, the AEM Infinty is the system you need. Designed to be powerful, adaptable, and versatile it is the latest in AEM's line of fully programmable ECU's. With the ability to process 400 Million instructions per second on it's 32bit 200mhz processor, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to raw processing power and resolution of data. Not only is the Infinity system the most powerful tuning tool available, but it is also one of the safest having a number of built in engine protection strategies that can be implemented based on boost, fuel pressure, oil pressure, RPM, coolant temp, O2 sensor lean conditions, and even knock count. Even with the ability to handle all of those inputs and outputs, you can get up to 70 hours of continuous data-logging and it can be uploaded to a USB stick to transfer to other computers or your tuner easily. Not only do you get lots of data, but you can record up to 100 channels simultaneously or a few less at up to 1000Hz. That is 1000 readings per second for any loggable channel.

Now that you know the kind of power the Infinity has, what makes it stand apart from other stand-alone options for your Import? The adaptability of the system means that it is compatible with most stock and aftermarket sensors, so you can change the ECU settings to read the sensor you already have instead of having to replace all of your sensors with expensive ones sold with other stand alone systems. Just because it is powerful doesn't mean that the Infinity ECU is difficult to use. It comes with an ECU set up wizard in the included software to make setup quick and easy so you spend time tuning, not chasing teeth counts and rescaling tables. The datalogging power wouldn't be useful if there isn't a good way to easily see the data. AEM gives you multiple playback options for the saved data, including the standard 2d linear graph, 3d graphing, and a virtual dashboard with analog or digital gauges. Best of all, these different styles can all be used simultaneously to see the data clearly without cluttering up just one screen with all of the info. There is even an input simulator that allows you to check what the ECU will do under certain conditions to validate changes before you restart the car.

So how far can you really take the Infinity system? With the power and adaptability this ECU has it is capable of some amazing tuning. Here is just a stats list for it that shows you what it can do.
  • Ignition and Injectors:
    • Infinity EMS 8 system offers control over up to 8 peak and hold injectors and up to 8 0-5 Volt ignition outputs.
    • Infinity EMS 6 system offers control over up to 6 peak and hold injectors and up to 6 0-5 Volt ignition outputs.
    • Infinity EMS 8h system offers control over up to 8 saturated(High Impedance) injectors and up to 8 0-5 Volt ignition outputs.
  • Airflow Model Based Calculations: Infinity system base models are airflow based and feature various modes for calculating air flow. This eliminates many of the lookup and trim tables (Correction Tables) which are necessary in previous generation ECUs.
  • Fuel Control: The Infinity EMS calculates injector pulsewidth in units of 1/10th of a microsecond. There are 1,000 microseconds in one millisecond. A millisecond is a lifetime to the hardware on this unit. This is fuel control resolution to 0.0000001 seconds.
  • Open-Loop Fuel Pressure Compensation: Requires the installation of a fuel pressure sensor, but it allows you to maintain accurate fueling even under fluctuating fuel pressure.
  • Ignition Table: Ignition maps feature 20x20 resolution. This gives you 400 individual cells to fine tune the ignition timing for a variety of conditions and situations.
  • Individual Cylinder Ignition Trim: Individual cylinder ignition trim is possible with the Infinity EMS. Further enhancing the ignition accuracy of the system.
  • 3D Ignition Trim Maps: Infinity has a 3D ignition trim map (coolant and air temperature based).
  • Engine Start: VE-based engine start even with MAF based tuning allows quick starting of even the most aggressive engine combinations.
  • VE Airflow Table: VE airflow table (Map vs. Engine Speed, 20x20).
  • Variable Cam Control: Infinity can control up to 4 continuously variable cams (application dependent).
  • Real-Time Adaptive Diagnostics: The Infinity EMS includes advanced sensor and I/O diagnostics, including current monitoring and feedback. The Infinity's diagnostics software constantly monitors signal and current quality to alert the user of a potential issue before it creates the potential for engine damage.
  • Integrated Engine Protection Strategies: Available strategies are based on boost (fuel cut), fuel pressure (injector flow compensated for variations in pressure), oil pressure, RPM (rev limiter), coolant temperature, knock control with feedback and O2 lean protection. Additional sensors (sold separately) may be required for some strategies.
  • Wideband Controllers:Infinity EMS systems include dual internal wideband controllers.
  • Target Lambda Table: Infinity is airflow based and multi- and flex-fuel compatible. Target Lambda (10X10 Table) is ideal for tuning under these conditions.
  • Charge Temperature Blend: User-adjustable blend for charge air temperature (engine speed dependent).
  • Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim: User-adjustable individual cylinder fuel trim capable.
  • O2 Lean Protection: If AFR exceeds a user definable limit the user can employ an adjustable rev limiter.
  • Electronic Boost Control: Two strategies are available for boost control: A switched position boost target strategy and a time-dependent boost target strategy.
  • Multi-Fuel Capable: Infinity has the ability to run two separate fuel types simultaneously through staged fuel injection. This is done simply by specifying the fuel type for each injection stage in the set-up wizard.
  • Flex Fuel Compensated: Infinity makes automatic adjustments for ethanol content and applies them to fuel flow, ignition timing and boost target (sensor is not included).
  • Idle Control: Infinity supports both pulsewidth and stepper motor type idle valves. Use the idle set up wizard to set idle parameters including idle activation criteria, idle control limits and idle offsets. An advanced set up feature is included to modify idle PID feedback gains.
  • Drive By Wire: Two H-Bridge Channels are included for drive by wire (application dependent, coming soon) or DC motor control. Offered only with Advanced Tuning Package (see Advanced Tuning Package).
  • Traction Control: Programmable traction control (wheel speed of engine accel.) for 2-wheel slip included. 4-wheel traction control offered only with Advanced Tuning Package (see Advanced Tuning Package).
  • Knock Control: 2-channel adaptive knock control.
  • Launch Control: Programmable 2-step launch control/anti-lag with configurable soft cut and two step rev limiters standard. 3-Step launch control available with Infinity Advanced Tuning Package (see Advanced Tuning Package).
Advanced Tuning Package Details
For a limited time, the functions and tuning inputs/outputs in the Advanced Tuning Package for the Infinity EMS are included at no additional charge. Contact Pro Import Tuners at (805) 926-2064 for more information.
  • No-Lift Shift.
  • 4 Wheel Speed Traction Control.
  • 3 Step Launch Control.
  • Drive-By-Wire Compatible.
  • Nitrous Control.
  • Dual H Bridge Channels.
  • 1 Additional High Side Driver.
  • 6 Additional Analog Voltage Inputs.
  • 3 Additional Analog Tempurature Inputs.
  • 1 Additional Digital/Frequency Input.

The AEM Infinity Tuning Solution is a very advanced product and recommend for professional installation and tuning. Since this system is a stand alone it will require customizing to work with most cars.

Note: For Honda B-Series and D-Series engines, it is required that you purchase a Distributor Coil Adapter if you are using a factory, distributor-style, ignition system. Otherwise, a coil on plug system or conversion must be used.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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