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HKS DMR Digital Video Recorder for 2016 Honda Civic

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(Version II)
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(Version II)


HKS DMR Digital Video Recorder Description

This is the new version of the HKS DMR Digital Video Recording solution! Professional and novice drivers have long known that reviewing driving performance can be a powerful learning tool to help improve technique and reflexes. The HKS DMR allows you to record, view and analyze your drives, whether you wish to improve your driving skill on the track or just want to share fond driving memories with friends. There are also many additional features and uses that make this drive recording system a great addition to almost any vehicle!

The main DMR camera unit features a 1.3MP CMOS digital sensor unit able to capture important details with it's 142.5 degree viewing angle. In addition to the main camera unit, a compact CCD auxiliary camera is included. This additional camera can be located separately to capture additional video information, such as tachometer/speedometer display, clutch/brake/gas pedal footwork or in cabin driver actions. Power is supplied to the HKS DMR system using the included cigarette lighter adapter or may be hard-wired for a more permanent install. Both the cigarette lighter adapter and the hard-wire adapter include plenty of length of cable to provide for an easy routing solution.

Recording digital footage is easy and crisp using the HKS DMR system. Some digital recorders store data on internal memory and occasionally save to a memory card, when this occurs moments of video can be lost causing a "skipping" abrupt playback. Unlike other digital recorders the HKS DMR system saves DIRECTLY to the included 8GB SDHC card resulting in smooth video playback and easy data management. In addition, video can also be reviewed directly in car using the included video output cable and an existing in-car monitor or laptop (in car monitor or laptop not supplied). The HKS DMR main unit also FEATURES A X/Y/Z AXIS MOVEMENT SENSOR for monitoring vehicle performance and a GPS sensor to track route or for accurate location information that can be used in the event of an incident. This is an extremely useful tool for driving enthusiasts.

There are many recording modes available including continuous and event mode. CONTINUOUS MODE RECORDS CONTINUOUSLY ONCE ENGAGED. This really sets the HKS DMR apart from other video recorders. Event mode records 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after and event is felt by the main DMR SHOCK SENSOR (this mode is especially useful for traffic incidents or additional security when parked). Most modes engage automatically with the car on, or you can set the cameras to record with the vehicle off for extra security.

With so many uses, the HKS DMR system is clearly the best car video recorder on the market, weather you want to review your track experiences, capture memorable drives or provide an extra pair or watchful eyes for incidents and extra security.

Key Features:
  • Super easy to install.
  • 1.3MP wide angle main camera unit (high quality video and audio).
  • Includes an additional secondary camera for extra viewing options.
  • Includes 8MB SDHC card and power and output cables.
  • Automatic record modes for hands free operation.
  • X/Y/Z and GPS sensors provide additional useful information. Features a shock sensor as well.
  • Continuous recording mode just keeps recording...you never stop recording due to lack of memory!
  • Instant playback or realtime view using an in car monitor (can be used as a reverse camera).
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • Comes with viewing software (Windows compatible).
  • Can plug into your cigar lighter / accessory socket for unlimited running time.
  • Perfect learning aid for sports driving.
  • Can be used for extra security or road incident clarification.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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