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CT Engineering Supercharger Kit for 2006 Honda Civic

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2006 Honda Civic
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All [Si, MUGEN Si]
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All [Si, MUGEN Si]
(Stage 2 Plus Kit) (1000cc Bosch EV14 Injectors) (No Reflash)
All [Si, MUGEN Si]
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All [Si, MUGEN Si]
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(Stage 2 Plus Kit) (Standard 520cc Injectors)
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CT Engineering Supercharger Kit Description

Emissions Warning: This product is not designed for public highway or street use, and is only legal for formally sanctioned race use on a racing vehicle that may never be used on a public highway or street.


This CT Engineering (formerly Comptech USA) Supercharger Kit is one of the best power modifications you can make to your Civic Si. This product was designed from the ground up with quality, reliability, and durability in mind, and the installation is simple and completely bolt-on (no extra modifications or engine upgrades are required). Not only that, but CT Engineering Supercharger Kits come complete with a CT/Hondata Tune, which will ensure that your ECU is calibrated for your new supercharger right out of the box. Better yet, the 2006 to 2011 Civic Si supercharger kit is CARB Compliant / Exempt (Stage 1 kit with Reflash only) for street use in California! That means if you live in California, you can still legally pass smog tests with this kit installed.

Please note that for the 2006 to 2011 Civic Si kit, you will be required to send your ECU to Hondata for reflashing (unless you get one of the "No Reflash" versions). We have instructions on how to remove your stock ECU if you need them. Please also include the ECU Return Shipping Label (included in the kit) with your ECU shipment.

2012+ Civic Si Supercharger Kit Key Features:
  • Stage 1 kits add 50-75 horsepower (depending on your modifications and what version you choose) to the wheels using the supplied tune for your 12+ Civic Si. This equates to about 260-290 total horsepower at the flywheel. With an intake, exhaust, and custom tune, you will definitely see even more power gains. For best results, a cold air intake is recommended, especially one that does not re-use any of the factory intake components.
  • The Stage 2 Plus kit will add over 100 wheel horspower (more with full bolt-ons and a good tune) to your 12+ Civic Si! An aftermarket intake that does not re-use factory intake components is required due to the increased boost pressure.
  • Stage 1 kits include 550cc injectors made by DeatschWerks. 750cc or 1000cc DeatschWerks injectors are included with the Stage 2 Plus kit. 1000cc injectors are only recommended for very high horsepower builds (please call us before ordering this option).
  • Very linear increase in boost as RPMs increase.
  • Stage 1 kits runs at at about 6-7 PSI of boost. The Stage 2 Plus kit runs at about 9 PSI.
  • Must use with a Hondata FlashPro (a CT/Hondata base map tune will be provided with Stage 1 kits only).
  • Very impressive mid-range and top-end performance.
  • Complete "bolt-on" kit, requires no other engine modifications.
  • Comes with carbon fiber fuel rail cover (see picture).
  • Detailed and thorough installation instructions.
  • Installation time is only about 8 hours.
  • 2 year warranty on Stage 1 kits (using the provided tune).
2006 to 2011 Civic Si Supercharger Kit Key Features:
  • Adds approximately 40-50 horsepower to the wheels, so about 230 whp total on an otherwise stock 06-11 Si. Adding an intake/headers/exhaust and custom tune will increase this number to about 270 to 280 whp.
  • Very linear increase in boost as RPMs increase.
  • Runs at a conservative boost level of about 4-5 PSI.
  • Impressive mid-range throttle response and top-end performance.
  • Complete "bolt-on" kit, requires no other engine modifications.
  • Includes a CT/Hondata Reflash for your ECU (except for the "No Reflash" version).
  • Comes with carbon fiber fuel rail cover (see picture).
  • The addition of intake, headers, and cat-back exhaust is highly recommended.
  • CARB Compliant / Exempt for street use in California (Stage 1 kit with Reflash only).
  • Detailed and thorough installation instructions.
  • Installation time is only about 8 hours.
  • Even includes Denso Iridium 1 step colder spark plugs (on most applications).
  • 2 year warranty on standard Stage 1 kits (using the provided tune).
2006 to 2011 Civic Si Supercharger Kit Stage 2 Plus Details:
  • The Stage 2 Plus version of this kit uses a smaller 3.15" pulley to provide about 4 PSI more boost pressure, and about 30 whp more power than the Stage 1 kit.
  • With an upgraded intake, headers, and exhaust, you will see 290 to 310 whp, or about 320 to 340 flywheel horsepower!
  • Comes with 4 high performance injectors and a new CT Supercharger pulley (3.15").
  • Injectors are factory Honda injectors modified to flow 520cc (compared to 310cc stock).
  • Injectors are flow benched and matched in sets for each specific kit.
  • Injectors are also completely "drop-in" and require no wire harness modification or fuel rail spacers.
  • Includes a special CT/Hondata ECU Reflash which enables your ECU to take advantage of the larger injectors and higher boost. This Reflash will work seamlessly with Stage 1 (3.6") and Stage 2 Plus (3.15") pulleys. This means you can swap out to a different pulley to lower or raise your boost level without having to send your ECU back to Hondata!
  • The special CT/Hondata ECU Reflash will also raise your rev limiter to 8500 RPM, and will lower your VTEC window to 3200 RPM (VTEC will only engage at that RPM if you are at full throttle).
  • REQUIRES USE OF AN AFTERMARKET INTAKE DUE TO INCREASED VACUUM LEVELS (your stock intake will collapse under the pressure). We recommend using the CT Engineering intake system.
  • Not CARB Compliant / Exempt, and not emissions legal for use on public roads.
  • Voids the warranty on your CT Supercharger Kit.
  • For dyno charts and even more information, Click Here
Optional Parts: If you will be installing a boost gauge, we recommend ordering the CT Engineering boost gauge adapter kit, which contains the hose barb to manifold fitting and 6 feet of OEM vacuum tubing. To maximize power with this supercharger, we recommend getting an intake, headers, and full cat-back exhaust system. On some systems, headers may warrant a re-tune and may effect emissions status. You may also need to upgrade your clutch due to the increased power levels.

Other Recommendations: Please only use premium fuel (91 octane or better). Colder spark plugs are usually recommended as well, if they are available and your kit does not already come with them.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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