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TEIN EDFC Active for 1993 Honda Civic

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 GPS Controller Kit (+$74.95)

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TEIN EDFC Active Description

IMPORTANT: You must have specific TEIN coilovers to use this EDFC Active system. Please choose the application that matches your car and the type of TEIN coilovers you have. Also, our prices include everything you need: the TEIN EDFC Controller Kit, Motor Kit (including wiring), and Strut Kit (when applicable).

The TEIN EDFC Active is an improved version of the original TEIN EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller). Makes it possible for a driver to control the damping force of TEIN coilovers without ever leaving the driver's seat! The EDFC consists of a central control unit and 4 separate motors that fit over each shock absorber. Since the damping force can be manually controlled with ease to meet different road conditions, the driver can enjoy variations in the suspension setting.

Key Features:
  • Recently re-designed with a host of new improvements, including smaller motors.
  • Change your TEIN shock damping settings from inside your car.
  • Longitudinal G-actuated automatic dampening adjustment. Basically, you can adjust your suspension so either the front or rear of your vehicles stiffens or softens depending on how fast you are accelerating. This is very useful for drag racing!
  • Speed sensitive automatic dampening adjustment (with the optional GPS Controller Kit).
  • Motor driver units, located at front and back of the car, and controller unit are now connected wirelessly, to reduce troublesome extra wiring during installation.
  • Memory and recall functions for up to 10 different damping settings. This allows you to dramatically change your Honda Civic's behavior with the push of a single button.
  • 16 to 64 levels of damping force adjustment.
  • Separate adjustments for front and rear.
  • Motors comes with all wiring (including complete extended harnesses) and sealed rubber motor covers for added protection.
  • Compact in size. It can be installed in a position where you can easily operate it.
  • Self-checking warning systems.
  • Illumination for increased night visibility.

Optional GPS Controller Kit: For the ultimate in adjustable setups, the GPS receiver allows you to program different EDFC settings for different speeds. Imagine going for a drive and having the shocks nice and soft for cruising around your neighborhood, and they automatically stiffen up when you pick up speed on the highway or track. The GPS unit itself just plugs into the EDFC Active and allows you to set adjustment points to automatically stiffen or soften the shocks based on your speed. This way the car will not be bouncy on rough surface streets yet will still be stable and responsive under high speed driving. The GPS Controller Kit also allows for other functions in the EDFC Active, such as precise Vehicle Speed Display, Positional Coordinates Display, and Tripmeter.

TEIN EDFC Active Setup

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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