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APEXi High Performance Metal Head Gasket for Honda Civic

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Honda Civic
Year Range
Door Config  [Trim Level]
1999 to 2000
2 Door Coupe [Si]
(0.45mm Thickness) (82mm Bore)
1999 to 2000
2 Door Coupe [Si]
(1.5mm Thickness) (82mm Bore)
1999 to 2000
2 Door Coupe [Si]
(2.1mm Thickness) (82mm Bore)
1999 to 2000
All [All Except Si]
(1.5mm Thickness) (76mm Bore)

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APEXi High Performance Metal Head Gasket Description

A'PEXi high performance metal head gaskets provide extreme protection on high horsepower Honda Civic engines. Factory/OEM head gaskets cannot withstand the pressures of high output operation and often cause the engine to "blow". This condition is actually caused by a failure in the factory/OEM head gasket. Replacing your factory/OEM head gasket with an metal one is an easy way to assure your engine does not fail due to a "blown" gasket. Each A'PEXi gasket is designed to be engine specific and provide a complete and secure seal.

Thickness Notes: This head gasket is available in different thicknesses. The thinner ones (below about 1.3mm) will increase engine compression slightly over stock (this will give you a little extra power). The thicker ones (above about 1.3mm) are for turbo Honda Civics and will give your engine a lower compression ratio, which is better for boosted motors.

Bore Size Notes: These gaskets are slightly oversized (by about 1mm) from your factory bore so they can accommodate stock or aftermarket pistons. In other words, they will work on a stock engine or one that has up to 1mm oversized pistons.

Availability and Condition: Unless otherwise noted, this product is in brand new condition and usually in stock at one of our warehouses, or will ship directly from the manufacturer.

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